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Weekly Mowing Service

Are you in need of weekly lawn care maintenance? Are you tired of having to take care of it all by yourself and not always having the equipment you need to do so? Matt’s Lawn Maintenance gladly offers landscaping services near Mountain Home Idaho to make your lawn care needs a breeze! We love being able to offer a multitude of services in our area and with that we also understand that a large part of landscaping is the weekly maintenance and upkeep to make sure your property stays looking its best. That’s where our professional mowing comes into play to work for you. From weekly assistance of personal land to upkeep of commercial property, we want to make sure that you are covered on your landscaping needs. We provide professional and beautiful results that are unmatched!

Top Benefits of Using a Professional for Weekly Mowing

  • Equipment - We use professional and effective equipment to get the job done right. Our mowers, trimmers and edgers used by our expert lawn care specialists allow us to give you the exceptional service you want.

  • Convenience - With weekly lawn maintenance being a constant and prevalent part of any property owner's schedule, a professional landscaping company allows you to occupy your time elsewhere. With busy lives and little drive to keep up on the demands of a yard, Matt’s Lawn Maintenance gives you assurance that your yard will be maintained to be healthy and stunning.

  • Results - Landscaping is an art when done correctly. With our expertise in lawn care your property will receive superior quality service to get it to the place you want it to be. A well-kept yard is the first thing anyone sees when coming to your home and with Matt’s Lawn Maintenance we will provide your home a beautiful first impression. 

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Here at Matt’s Lawn Maintenance we offer custom pricing for each property depending on the size and needs of your property. We can set up a time to come look everything over and give you a personal quote on our mowing services. Give us a call any time to get the info you need to get started. 


Why choose Matt’s Lawn Maintenance? 


Matt’s Lawn Maintenance is a locally owned and operated landscaping company that takes great pride in serving those in our community. We believe in being honest and hard-working for any job that we take. Our team is dedicated to offering you the best care for your property and being consistent in your weekly lawn care needs. If you have anything related to landscaping that you need done, give us a call and we can get started working for you!

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