Lawn Fertilization Service

Fertilizing your lawn helps it grow healthy and strong. Your lawn may require additional nutrients to grow to its full potential. Applying fertilizer on a regular schedule can produce dramatic results! Lawns are extremely resilient, however if you are noticing that your grass is thin and losing color, Fertilizer can help!


Feeding your lawn on a regular basis makes it healthier, which means it is more resilient to heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic, and other stresses. Best practice is to feed your lawn 4 times a year.


Early Spring

Feeding your lawn in early spring helps strengthen its roots and start the season off right! Typically you want to fertilize your lawn between February and April, around the time your grass is starting to green up and begin to actively grow.


Late Spring

At this stage in the season, your grass is largely growing on stored energy. Keeping it well nourished will help it maintain its strength. This is also a fantastic time to apply weed killer, to prevent pesky weeds from invading your beautiful lawn! The best time to fertilize at this point of the season is between April and June, 6-8 weeks from the time of the last fertilizer application.



Summer can be brutal on grass. Heat and drought can wreak havoc on the lawn. Not to mention the added foot traffic and insects that occur this time of year. Fertilizing between June and August, 6-8 weeks since the Late Spring fertilizer will help keep your lawn from becoming too stressed during the hot summer months.



Now that it is starting to cool down, your lawn wants to grow again. It needs nutrients to replenish itself from the hot summer months. Fall fertilization strengthens your lawns roots and increases the nitrogen storage for a healthy lawn next spring. Once again, it is best to have us fertilize your lawn in fall 6-8 weeks after we fertilized in the summer.


Hiring a professional to fertilize your lawn for you can help ensure that your lawn is getting the proper nutrients that it needs throughout the season. It is also reassuring to know that we know the proper amount of fertilizer to apply and the best conditions to apply it under. As helpful as fertilizer can be, it is also dangerous if applied inappropriately. Too much fertilizer can damage your lawn, and lawn fertilizer should be kept away from flower beds and other plants. 


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