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Shovelling Snow

Snow Removal Service

Matt’s Lawn Maintenance is proud to be serving the city of Mountain Home with all landscaping needs. Winter in our area makes snow removal a necessity. We’d love to offer our services to get the job done for you. We provide ice melt, shoveling and plowing, including parking lots. Whether it’s your personal property needing some aid or a commercial property that requires maintenance we would love to be of assistance.

Top Benefits of Using a Professional for Snow Removal

  • Equipment - Landscaping companies have access to bigger and better snow removal equipment that not every property owner will have on their own.  

  • Convenience - Nothing says convenience more than having someone else take care of it for you and give you the peace of mind knowing a professional is taking care of it.

  • Avoid Injury - Professionals know exactly what they are doing and with snow removal, doing it properly will help avoid injury by you or someone that uses your property. With the right training and equipment, a landscaping company will make sure the job gets done safely. 

  • Cost-Effective - While there is a fee with snow removal, it outweighs the cost of having to buy the equipment yourself and having the hassle of storing and maintaining your tools.

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Here at Matt’s Lawn Maintenance we offer custom pricing for each property depending on the size and needs of your property. We can set up a time to come look everything over and give you a personal quote on our snow removal services. Give us a call any time to get the info you need to get started.

Matt’s Lawn Maintenance is a locally owned and operated landscaping company that takes great pride in serving those in our community. We believe in being honest and hard-working for any job that we take. If you choose our company we will make sure that you and your property are respectfully taken care of from the start of our project through to the finish. We love working with new and existing clients to create and maintain beautiful properties. If you have anything related to landscaping that you need done, give us a call and we can get started working for you!

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